Alternate Dispute Resolution

Proper administration of justice requires the swift disposal of issues. Alternate Dispute Resolution is a less adversarial option to the traditional litigation system. We at, RR Legal Partners maintain the utmost level of confidentiality while mediating or conciliating disputes. With an experience of over 20 years, we help disputed parties to reach consensus amicably, in a suitable and congenial atmosphere, without falling deep into the complexities of litigation.

Appeals and Transfer Petitions

The Indian legal framework offers various constitutional remedies like appeals and other facilitations like transfer petitions. The Supreme Court of India, being the apex authority of justice, possesses the power to transfer any case, appeal or other proceedings from High Court or another civil court in one state to a High Court or other civil court in another state. With our deep understanding of various procedures and analogies relating to appeals and transfer petitions, we assist disputed parties throughout the conundrum of the required processes.

Suits and Petitions

The legal address, redressal, and recourse by judicial action encompass the filing of suits and petitions. A suit can be filed for specific performance, injunction, partition, and possession, whereas a petition is filed for probation of will, succession, recovery, etc. As a core part of our offering, RR Legal Partners combines an effective legal strategy pertaining to suits and petitions, backing it up with a strong litigation plan.

Practice Areas

Divorce & Separation

A family problem or relationship breakdown is seldom straightforward. Not only can the problems be extremely draining both emotionally and financially, but they also have the potential to damage careers and reputation. Family law is a cornerstone at RR Legal Partners. Its lasting importance in our practice reflects our passion to apply our expertise to each family law situation, whether it is resolved through the negotiation of a separation agreement, divorce mediation, mutual or contested divorce, divorce arbitration or family litigation through the courts. It is our understanding of the extraordinary personal crisis that divorce brings to spouses, children and extended family members. We bring to every client strength, experience, and knowledge. We maintain a high level of confidentiality and offer a holistic approach with not just the legal answer, but emotionally viable ones too. Our attorneys possess the capability to navigate through the tangled divorce process while striving to make it as easy as possible.

Alimony & spousal support

When two people are married, they have an obligation to support each other. This does not necessarily end with divorce. Under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, the right of maintenance extends to any person economically dependent on the marriage. This will include, therefore, either spouse, dependent children, and even indigent parents. The family law attorneys at RR Legal Partners provide legal representation in all aspects of divorce including the following:

  • Pursuing claims for alimony and post-separation support
  • Defending claims for alimony and post-separation support
  • Seeking a modification (increase or decrease) of awards for alimony and post-separation support

The family law attorneys at RR Legal Partners have comprehensive experience representing both dependent spouses and supporting spouses. We apply a broad set of skills and resources to assist clients in resolving matters effectively and efficiently.

Child Custody

Child Custody can be one of the most contentious and emotionally charged areas of family law. There is no love like the love a parent has for a child; and when parents cannot agree on custodial arrangements and parental rights and responsibilities, they may find themselves engaged in bitter and lengthy litigation. While a divorce can be a step in the right direction for the couple involved, it can be emotionally challenging for children to accept the situation. Generally, child custody is decided among the parents before they petition the court for mutual consent divorce. However, a problem arises when the parents cannot come to an agreement on the custody of the child after divorce. Keeping in mind that divorce cases are long drawn, what shall happen to the child in the duration of the court case is a pertinent question.

When the child’s welfare and future are at stake, you need the most effective legal representation available. Retaining an experienced and competent family law attorney to represent clients in child custody and child support matters will increase the likelihood of reaching a negotiated settlement that is fair and reasonable and would reduce chances of becoming engaged in prolonged litigation.


Adoption is a powerful process. It is a way of affirming your commitment and care to a child that is not even biologically yours. Legally speaking, adoption turns a person into the emotional, financial, psychological, and legal parent of a child. Adoption serves that tie, which reassigns total parenthood to the adoptive parent. If you are seeking to adopt a child, RR Legal Partners is more than happy to help. Our experienced and passionate family law attorneys smoothen the bottlenecks of the adoption process from beginning to end. We are well versed with state and legal laws pertaining to children and the adoption process and adhere to the regulations issued by the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA). We assist and guide parents to file all necessary documents and represent them before the court across India.

Domestic Violence

When we think of domestic violence, images often come to mind of black eyes, bruises, busted lips, or broken bones. However, domestic violence encompasses much more than that. Domestic violence is abuse or undue manipulation through power and control that occurs between two parties involved, or formerly involved, in a personal or intimate relationship. It can include spouses, former spouses, couples who have lived together, as well as children, parents, and grandparents.

Domestic violence can be defined along with the following:

  • Attempting to cause or intentionally causing bodily injury
  • Placing a member of the family or household in fear of imminent serious bodily injury or Continued harassment that rises to such a level as to inflict substantial emotional distress, including stalking
  • Rape or sexual offenses

We at RR Legal Partners, know and understand that domestic violence is not limited to physical abuse. It includes mental and physical abuse which is easily concealed from family, friends, and colleagues. Domestic violence in the form of mental and emotional abuse is characterized by a pattern of behavior on the part of the abuser that is designed to cause the victim to feel threatened, fearful, intimidated, and a sense of being powerless.

There is legal protection available to victims of domestic abuse. At RR Legal Partners, our experienced family law attorneys provide legal services to victims of domestic violence through civil litigation. In addition to helping victims obtain a restraining order and emergency child custody, we also assist with ancillary matters related to domestic violence which may include obtaining legal possession of the family residence, child custody, and spousal support and child support.

Property Matters

Property matters are an arid cause of disputes in India. You always need to establish a clear title to stake your ownership. In India, the transfer and acquisition of property is not an automatic process, but often time-consuming one under the law. If not done, then given the rampant land grabbing across the country, and in the absence of an updated title, it is assumed that the property is abandoned. The lack of adept action has in turn caused families to gravely suffer. Hence, these issues need due attention. Inheritance could bring along with it the complications of illegal transfers, possession or even sale by close relatives, trusted representatives and third parties. This is where RR Legal steps in. We address issues revolving around forging and fabrication of wills and deeds, impersonation as a shareholder in property, power of attorney (POA) documents, tenancy issues and recoveries. We provide pre-litigation advisory and support, backed up with a strong litigation plan to best defend your interests. We offer unparalleled legal representation in property distribution matters, including those involving complex issues such as closely held business interests, tracing of separate assets, and those where high-income interests and substantial assets are at stake.

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