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Dispute Resolution

RR Legal Partners strives to work in conjunction with the fundamental legal framework of India to provide dispute resolution services to organizations. We adhere to collaborative procedures to address disputes arising out of legal wrongdoings, perceived legal rights, or threat of legal actions against a party. With an experience of 20 years, we provide adept legal advice and wherever necessary, defend interests in lawsuits.


Transactions between businesses often become disagreements of varying scales. We, at RR Legal Partners, facilitate conversations between disputed parties in order to resolve conflicts. Our panel of arbitrators and mediators are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals, averaging over 20 years of experience and have presided over numerous arbitrations.

Appeals, Writs, and SLPs

The Indian legal framework offers constitutional remedies like appeals, writs and special leave petitions (SLP) to ratify any judgment, decree, determination, sentence or order in any case made by any court or tribunal in the Indian territory. Our deep understanding of the legal analogy and procedures help organizations to navigate complex disputes and defend their interests.

Suits and Petitions

The legal address, redressal, and recourse by judicial action encompass the filing of suits and petitions. A suit can be filed for specific performance, injunction, partition, and possession, whereas a petition is filed for probation of will, succession, recovery, etc. As a core part of our offering, RR Legal Partners combines an effective legal strategy pertaining to suits and petitions, backing it up with a strong litigation plan.

Practice Areas


Recovery is a specialized area of legal services which requires detailed knowledge and experience. We offer expert advice to our clients on effective recovery strategies through legal recourse. We hold substantial experience across numerous practice areas to identify key issues arising in restructuring transactions across sectors. We represent investors and lenders on a wide range of issues including exit strategies, refinancing

distressed debt trading and investment in distressed assets. We provide full support in the long term as well as short term engagements. We strive to maximize recoveries and minimize the time lost. We provide a nationwide attorney network that supports escalation in the collection process and post-judgment enforcement. We follow rules-driven programs that seamlessly integrate first-party activities with escalation to third-party collection and services Read Mode…

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

RR Legal Partners’ Insolvency and bankruptcy team have earned the respect of the industry for its pragmatic approach and strategic solutions to organizations- solutions that have delivered positive results to businesses. Our early cautionary advice has helped maximize results for various creditors and shareholders and has in the process established RR Legal Partners as a trusted partner over the years. We advise and represent organizations under statutes and regulations including the Indian Bankruptcy Code 2016. We also provide assistance in enforcing and implementing security mechanisms available to lenders under legal, regulatory and policy framework including the Recovery of Debts Due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act 1993 and Enforcement of Security Interest Act 2002.

Mortgage Redemption

Right of redemption is the right which every mortgagor possesses, which is created by virtue of the mortgage deed. This right is considered to be inalienable, and cannot be taken away from a mortgagor by means of any contract to the contrary. At RR Legal Partners, we recognize the importance of complexities issues related to mortgage redemption brings. Our lawyers have unique, widespread experience in all forms of complex and operational proceedings relating to redemption and wherever necessary, backing it up with a strategic litigation plan.

Commercial Contracts

The corporate practice, given its multidisciplinary approach, is highly specialized in providing clients with global, practical and tailor-made solutions to their day-to-day or strategic legal requirements in relation to national and international commercial contracts. We participate in the preparation, negotiation, analysis and interpretation of business contracts, irrespective of the area of activity or their legal nature, terms and conditions, endeavoring at all times to simplify the inherent complexity of commercial transactions, taking care of the client beyond the commercial transactions themselves, at each stage of their business activities. Companies deal on a daily basis with a myriad of relationships and contracts that bind them to their suppliers, customers, licensors, and distribution and other strategic partners. Our Commercial Contracts practice helps structure these relationships and guide clients through the complexities to ensure their contracts provide the necessary framework for success. We combine legal knowledge with deep sector experience and a can-do approach covering the full spectrum of commercial and business law issues.

Economic Offences

In today’s scenario of fluctuating economic conditions and a complex regulatory regime, financial crimes have become a serious challenge for businesses operating across the country. From inadvertent breaches at the employee level to non-compliance of criminal law provisions resulting in institutional failure –legal challenges are vast and multifaceted, and the stakes often very high. This is where RR Legal comes in. The firm deals with matters concerning market manipulation, complex frauds, bribery, conflict of interest, insider trading and investment fraud among others. Our seasoned team of qualified litigators has serviced multinational corporations, companies and institutions standing-in as a comprehensive legal solutions provider for each client. Apart from criminal defense, we also advise damaged parties in relation to the securing of their rights in criminal proceedings and analyzing various commercial transactions in respect of any potential criminal law consequences.

Employment & Labour Laws

Organizations must constantly transform their business operations to compete in a global scenario and meet their business objectives. Change is the only content today. Now more than ever, businesses need to understand labor and employment laws in order to manage cost and risk, proactively identify potential complications, and facilitate the efficient, timely and agile application of global or regional projects. At RR Legal Partners, we understand the importance of human capital and the need for every organization to have a retention plan for the lasting success of the business. We offer valuable insights into the likely impacts of labor and employment reforms. Our capabilities are all encompassing covering the relevant applicable Indian labor laws, regulatory requirements mandated to employers, reviewing employment contracts and staff manuals, and wherever necessary to back it up with a strong litigation plan. We create solutions that are tailor-made for varied situations and circumstances faced by organizations and protect their commercial interests.


Real Estate

Real estate has emerged as an attractive long-term investment for investors seeking diversification and stable yields in an uncertain economy. As a sector, real estate must compete with other investment classes and offer a desirable product to end-users whether they are buying or leasing. We, at RR legal, understand the business of real estate, and that understanding is fundamental to our reputation as multidisciplinary deal facilitators. We offer expert advice, assistance, and support for real estate-related transactions to Indian and overseas buyers, property owners, private and institutional investors, real estate developers, corporates, lenders and underwriters. This includes working very closely with our clients for registration of various projects, including discussions with the technical and accounting teams of the developers, wherever required. RR Legal Partners’ team has an excellent understanding and grip on the local real estate laws affecting projects and real estate transactions across states in the country. Our endeavor is to bridge the gap between addressing legal requirements regulating investments in this sector and tying them to commercially viable solutions. Our clients benefit from our significant experience in orchestrating high value, long-term projects that involve complex structuring, facilitating negotiations, navigating legal and regulatory issues and, litigating on their behalf.

Renewable Energy

Worldwide demand for energy continues to increase dramatically, even as traditional fuel sources are diminishing. Environmental and climate change concerns have also highlighted the need to develop low-carbon energy sources. In today’s market, utility companies, renewable energy developers, commercial real estate developers, venture capitalists, tax investors, lenders, equipment manufacturers, installers, and owners of intellectual property, and all energy consumers require knowledgeable counsel to help them negotiate the opportunities that are coupled with new laws and regulations. We at RR Legal Partners understand the key technologies at the heart of renewable energy projects. Our practices focus on National and state regulations governing the sector, policy framework, obtaining licenses and permits and construction of renewable energy projects. Our objective is to help organizations address the issues raised by the renewable energy markets, including development and financing of a major project, transmission, and interconnection of projects, framing and executing joint venture agreements and other development agreements. We are staffed with professionals experienced in representing organizations throughout the country and in the international power markets. RR Legal Partners combine knowledge and experience in a manner that is collaborative with the client, seamless and result oriented.

Banking & Finance

Banking and finance services are the major driving force in the global economy. The industry is dealing with tough macro-economic conditions, higher regulatory scrutiny, and the rise of non-traditional competitors. Financial intermediaries play a crucial role in the domestic and global economy and help generate jobs, develop real estate sector, funding start-ups and much more. As a response to the changing market dynamics, banks are transitioning from a product-centric approach to a customer-focused one. RR Legal Partners’ core Banking solutions and Financial Services for the industry, enable organizations to offer superior customer experiences and competitive business models, at the same time delivering operational efficiency. Our reimagined banking services and supply model helps us provide business value through services, such as risk and regulatory compliance, recovery of debt, taking possession of secured assets and hypothecated vehicles, trade finance, custody, and settlements. Where disputes arise, we represent organizations in proceedings and in other forms of dispute resolution procedures including conciliation and arbitration.


The infrastructure industry has a direct impact on economic and social prosperity. Over the next 20 years, there is a pressing need for infrastructure to be replaced, upgraded or built-in both developed and emerging markets as the rapid pace of globalization continues. Infrastructure projects, acquisitions, financings, and privatizations demand an in-depth sector understanding and knowledge combined with the skills to analyze and allocate complex and often cross-border risks. Erratic amendments in government policies often cause an obstruction in the growth of organizations. In addition, comprehensive experience with the public sector regime through a regulated licensing regime is crucial. RR Legal Partners provide organizations in the infrastructure sectors with the requisite industry insight. Our approach combines disciplines and provides legal solutions needed on any infrastructure investment across sub-sectors. We cover the full asset life cycle from creation to acquisition, pre-construction planning, framing development goals in quantitative terms and transactions consisting of land acquisition. We at RR Legal Partners, guide clients from the very inception of the industry and provide financial advice on the nuanced challenges of each situation. Where disputes arise, we represent organizations in proceedings and further litigate on their behalf. Clients benefit from our commercial and pragmatic approach assisting them to bring efficiency to the market and cementing our reputation for delivering innovative solutions.


The E-Commerce industry has taken the world by storm and has influenced the commerce industry as never before. The industry is not just limited to online buying and selling but draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. India is the fastest growing market for the E-Commerce sector. Revenue from the sector is expected to grow at an annual rate of 51 percent, highest in the world. Organizations promoting their businesses through social media and conducting business over the internet face dynamic opportunities and challenges. Issues can range from intellectual property, privacy, cybersecurity threats, online data theft to e-commerce advertising and sales. An experienced legal advisory panel is of paramount importance for any internet-based business. RR Legal Partners collaborates with organizations to leverage these opportunities and help manage digital risks. Our team has been entrenched in the field for years. We work with online businesses, product marketers and affiliate networks on everything from the incorporation of an e-commerce company and contract development to compliance under the enactments of The IT Act 2008 and counterfeit product disputes. We also help organizations address data breaches, website hacks, and Intellectual Property Disputes.

Healthcare and Pharma

Healthcare is one of the most intricate and constantly developing areas of law in the country. Healthcare comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical equipment. Global pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations face a range of challenges: disputes over intellectual property (IP), adherence to evolving government regulations and parallel trade challenges, to name a few. Great opportunities exist as well. Growth is possible through strategic acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing, distribution, supply agreements, and international trade. RR Legal understands that Health care and Pharma industry is undergoing an explosive change. We are experts in devising plans regarding litigation avoidance and risk management strategies while considering the practicalities of an organization’s operations and business goals. We are highly experienced in statutory and regulatory analysis, healthcare compliance, government investigations, corporate transactions, and litigation. We focus on areas that require extra care and attention in the industry, transforming ordinary business prudence into extraordinary savvy and protection. Our approach is built on a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and a strong tradition of developing innovative legal solutions.

Media and Entertainment

Over the past few years, the media and entertainment industry has been thriving and creating symbiotic relations with international markets. The entertainment industry works on the unique combination of strategies regarding economic and technological knowledge and artistic talent. While a plethora of business opportunities are available for content creators and owners, capitalizing on these opportunities requires deep industry insight, expertise in intellectual property, knowledge of modern technology and awareness of transactions in the industry. We, at RR Legal Partners, offer business driven entertainment law services to organizations across multiple disciplines. We provide clients with useful industry insight on right acquisitions, defamation management, privacy issues, and censorship agreements and affiliations. Through our piracy management and litigation services, we help clients to enforce their rights and convert violators to licensing partners. Our team helps clients open new avenues of business and revenue generation.


The evolving consumer goods sector has seen the growth of FMCG Companies across the country. Growing awareness, easier access and changing lifestyle has resulted in heightened competition among both, multinational and domestic companies. This environment has made way for a variety of legal activity and the outlook remains encouraging as favorable market dynamics continue to persist. It is evitable, that with growth any industry is bound to face legal challenges and other threats to its functioning. RR Legal Partners has seen this industry grow to its current strength. We draw on our expertise to effectively render organizations with deep industry knowledge. Our dedicated team advises and represents organizations on issues relating to product liability, intellectual property, anti-monopoly legislation and mergers, and acquisitions. We strive to remain on the cutting edge of new legislation and regulations to best serve the needs of organizations in the industry.

Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is of vital importance, both to people and the economy of a country, developing or developed. Owing to the development in financial income, the status of people and changing lifestyle needs, convenient and fast means of travel and aviation, is now the spirit of global tourism. This industry is ever evolving and is subject to strict authoritarian compliances at local, national and international levels. Amidst the ever-increasing competition in the sector, organizations operating here need visionary planning resulting in scrupulous but solicitous hospitality services for easy survival and growth. We, at RR Legal Partners, boast a deep understanding of travel industry issues, strong relationships with industry, government and regulatory authorities. Our team of dedicated professionals, provide straightforward legal advice to tour operators and agents, Airlines, Insurers and Reinsurers, and Travel agencies. We combine insurance, liability, health and safety, regulatory and commercial experience to deliver rigorous outcomes. Our expertise cover issues relating to immigration, customs, aviation, travel insurance claims across jurisdictions and cross-border jurisdictions. We help organizations accomplish all mandatory and regulatory compliances, furnishing requisite contracts and agreements for approval, dispute resolution, and litigation. We count on our capability to always offer rich diverse perspectives.


Lucrative, effective and efficient Information Technology has been shaping and guiding development across the economies of countries around the world. The advancement in this sector has paved the way for the emergence of new companies and institutions, in both domestic and international markets. Information technology is not just limited to Engineering anymore. IT sector can be broadly classified into IT services, engineering services, ITES-BPO, and e-business. The growing importance and co-existence of the IT industry with foreign investments, e-commerce, cloud computing, employment, and exchange control leads to the emergence of regulatory compliances and legal issues. RR Legal partners’ team provides organizations with a multi-jurisdictional integrated service across a range of contentious and non-contentious technology related issues. We help businesses address software licensing and maintenance, data breaches and privacy issues, telecommunication regulations, R&D agreements, and media licensing. We bring together a background in technology, strong risk avoidance expertise, and an unparalleled understanding of IT businesses.


Driven by increasing awareness, innovative products, and more distribution channels, the insurance sector has recorded significant growth in recent years. The industry has been spurred by global investments coupled with targeted publicity and promotional campaigns by insurers. In the changing area of professional risks, our priorities remain the same: to find a swift, pragmatic and commercial resolution to professional and financial claims and to protect the reputation of the business at all costs. We reflect our understanding of the market and our ability to respond quickly to its evolution through integrated legal services across multiple disciplines governing the industry. In addition to handling claims, our services include addressing issues relating to policy making and regulations, foreign entrants in the Indian market, approvals from authorities and grievance redressal. Our team provides a quick and appropriate response to claims and appreciate the importance of early damage limitation, followed by proactivity in their defense and resolution. We deal with all areas of professional and commercial liability and handle claims of all complexities for organizations facing hurdles. We combine talent and technology to provide straightforward advice from specialists in the field, including trained arbitrators and mediators.

Consumer Rights

Jago Graham Jago’ was a campaign started by the Indian Government to raise awareness among the consumers treated helplessly by the manufacturers, retailers and services providers. The Government wanted consumers to be aware of the rights that were provided to them while this campaign sufficed in making them aware about the unfairness prevailing in the dynamic of producer and consumer and a few basic rights, there is a great portion of the consumer rights and laws that people are not even versed with. However, it must be mentioned that even though the government offers rights regarding your power as a consumer, it also burdens you with some responsibilities as a consumer and that is what leads to many legal conflicts. We, at RR Legal, will help you in understanding and fighting for your rights when they have been violated and get justice as needed.

Manufacturing and Retail

The manufacturing and retail industry is experiencing a significant transformation. It is driven by product innovation and the challenge of delivering products faster than ever before. With the already tight global economy, the importance of ensuring the industry continues to thrive and remain viable cannot be understated. To continue to grow and remain competitive in a world market, Indian manufacturers must display best practice methods and approaches across all facets of the business – not just the production process. An experienced team of lawyers will possess the knowledge and expertise to help those in the manufacturing and retail industry achieve and exceed the best-practice measures. Due to mass employment and regular workflow, there are certain key legal issues that are faced by the manufacturing and retail sector. Those key issues are data protection and privacy, employment, investigation, taxation, and relations with online seller and buyers. These legal issues can easily be avoided and handled with the legal assistance that we provide at RR Legal with our team of retail lawyers who are very well-versed in the manufacturing and retail sector and laws relating to it.

Education and Training

As noble as the profession of Education and training is, it is no stranger to the growing legal issues and complexities. Education Law is a portion of the law of the state or the country that deals specifically with the education institutes such as private and public schools. and universities. There are various portions of the law that cover various parts of the education system, whether it is written or statutory. In the past two decades, the issues under the Education Law have expanded as well. The issues found more often under the education law are the rights of students, teacher as well as the school board, discrimination, school safety, bullying and harassment, conduct and discipline, special education, curriculum, and other educational options such homeschooling and charter schools. We, at RR Legal, understand that running school is not as easy as it may seem and we help our clients in being well-versed with the education law and helping in strategizing the legal matters that might help them in avoiding the risks regarding lawsuits and if to comes to lawsuits, we believe in saving the resources and time of our client and help them in getting results that are in our client’s favor, efficiently and effectively.