Law is always forming. It is not fixed,
it is open to interpretation

We are expert team of lawyers with extensive courtroom experience and expertise in compliance issues pertaining to Corporate law, Property Law and Economic offences (White collar crime).

Commercial Contracts

All contracts are agreement but all agreement are not contracts. For the agreement to be deemed a contract, the terms and clauses in it, must confirm the law and should be legally enforceable.

Compliant Contracts: The commercial requirements of a business may not coincide with what is allowed by law. The expert team at RR Legal Partners helps in ensuring that the wide range of legislation required to be considered for negotiations and preparing a contract with suppliers, customers or collaborators have been delved upon and taken into consideration so that the it is clear, suitable for the purpose, unambiguous, water tight and compliant with the law to protect you from commercial risk.

Alternate dispute resolution (Breach of Contract)– Mediation and Conciliation: RR Legal Partners specialises in being able to effectively resolve disputes arising from a breach of contract by the opposite party with the help of mediators, trained in negotiations skills. Our approach is to resolve the dispute through alternate dispute resolution (ADR) processes like mediation and conciliation i.e. resolving disputes without litigation. It includes neutral evaluation, mediation, negotiation and conciliation.


Arbitration is a dispute settlement process in which a neutral third party is appointed to study the dispute, hear both the parties out to arrive at a decision on merits. The award by the arbitrator is binding on both the parties and can be enforced by the court of law. A matter can be referred to arbitration only when there is prior agreement between the parties to resolve the dispute through arbitration.

RR Legal Partners offers domestic as well as international arbitration services through its team of independent and qualified lawyers specialising in matters where many equally experienced professionals may have a conflict of interest.

Our arbitration services include

  • Sitting as arbitrator
  • Acting as counsel for parties before arbitral tribunals
  • Pre-trial investigation and risk-assessment
  • Acting as co-counsel in Indian and International procedural and/or advocacy matters
  • Other general matters of dispute resolution


RR Legal Partners has extensive experience and expertise in litigation and our team comprises of over 20 lawyers for commercial litigation. We specialise in resolving commercial disputes and minimising exposure to risks for our regional, national as well as International clients.

Our litigation services cover the areas for businesses:

Suits for Breach of Contract: A breach can occur when the opposite party fails to perform on time, does not perform in accordance to terms of agreement, or does not perform at all. RR Legal Partners helps and represents its clients to prepare, file and litigate on suits for:

  • Damages: Liquidated, Nominal, Compensatory or Punitive
  • Specific Performance: if the subject matter of the contract is rare or unique, and damages might not suffice to place the client in as good a position as they would have been had the breach not occurred.
  • Cancellation of Contract: The clients can sue the opposite part and cancel the contract if has given a benefit to them as a part of the contract.
  • Restitution of Contract: The clients can seek to put back in the position they were in, with respect to the contract, prior to the breach in the contract.

Writs: We offer counsel and assistance to our clients to prepare, file and litigate on writs and petitions against government and their respective agencies when they have been aggrieved under an element of public law.

Appeals, Review, Reference & Revisions in Higher Courts of India

RR Legal Partners offer services for moving appeals or petitions for review, reference & revisions in higher courts (High Court & Supreme Court) for a decree or order passed by the lower courts and tribunals. These appeals and petitions are generally filed to ensure the principle of justice that no decision be inaccurate or incorrect.

  • For final determination of a case.
  • For remand of case.
  • For referring to higher courts due to doubt or question of law.
  • For review/re-examination of case by same the court who has passed order/decree to review new discoveries, important matters or new evidence related to the issue.

Economic offences (White collar Crime)

In the ever-changing scenarios and environment of business there are risks to decision makers, businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals against criminal investigation and prosecution. With its understanding of corporate matters, due diligence, and its extensive experience in handling dispute resolution cases, RR Legal Partners is ideally poisitioned to offer expert advice and legal counsel to businessmen and professionals to avert risks arising out of such issues or against later prosecution.

Real Estate/Property Law

RR Legal Partners offers expert advice, assistance and support for real estate related transactions to Real Estate Developers, Indian and overseas buyers, Property Owners, private and institutional investors, corporates, lenders and underwriters.

We have experts who are constantly stay abreast on realty trends and their related impact. Our commercial understanding of the real estate industry and legal knowledge help us deliver comprehensive advice, solution and counsel to our clients for:

  • Real estate transaction structuring
  • Agreements and instruments for Sale, Purchase, Transfer & Mortgage
  • Rectification of title defects
  • Sub divisioning and development of land
  • Construction and sale of residential towns/homes
  • Property Management